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We use BITMEX data to calculate liquidation pools and predict market movements.

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Every second is gold, that's why ScalpingJEDI is live.

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In ScalpingJEDI we all collaborate and belong to the same team.

Who has not ever been liquidated by BITMEX?

It is no a secret to anyone that BitMex manipulates the price to liquidate positions of leveraged users(100x, 50x 25x, 10x). Liquidation is BitMex's main business.

ScalpingJEDI figured out how to profit the awkward market moves that Bitmex intentionally do to liquidate positions.

What is ScalpingJEDI and how does it work?

Watch this video to understand what ScalpingJEDI does and how we use BITMEX leverage in our favor to generate earnings $$$.

Graphs and Data

(Main Tool)

Real-time analysis of BITMEX data

  • Heatmap of Liquidation Pools PRO
  • Market Pressure
  • Long vs Short (Retailer trades)
  • Large Order Analysis
  • Volume profile, accumulated long / shorts, funding, kill price, number of orders by volume.
  • Historical liquidations data.


Automatic bot to set up trades, stoploss, takeprofit.

  • Earn Fast and minimize losses by setting the prices of: Take Profit and StopLoss.
  • Easy, safe and private. (Without sharing your account information).
  • Don't be stuck to the graph. Yodabot does it for you.
  • 100% of its functionality included with Jedi scalping.


Our ScalpingJEDI PROteam will help you win from day one with detailed signals (daily).

  • Success rate of 9 out of 10 entries.
  • Suggested amounts, leverage and exit price, with explanation.
  • Minimize your learning curve while generating Profit.
  • Signals arrive to your email.


You must learn to operate in ScalpingJEDI to not depend on anyone but you.

That is why we have a portfolio of videos always available, which will help you learn to understand each of the SJ indicators.

Support / Community

We, all, are ScalpingJEDI. We have a discord channel where we stay in touch on a daily basis.

  • Interaction channels with other users like you about: entries, use of the tool, market discussion, etc.
  • Contact with the administrators (PRO-Jedis) of the tool.
  • Personalized support for errors, doubts, suggestions, etc.

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Limited places!  (Only 500) To guarantee the effectiveness of the tool and not influence the market we see the need to limit the number of users.